About the ICFC

A tournament bout at ICFC

Since its foundation in 2010 by Judy O'Donnell our club continues to be a dynamic venue for competitive and recreational fencing for all ages and levels. We provide instruction in all three styles: Foil, Epee and Saber. For more information on the Olympic sport of fencing, please view our list of fencing FAQs.

Our modern facility provides:

  • Two large practice rooms for classes & advanced training,
  • Eight competition length practice strips,
  • Grounded metal strips for competitive fencing,
  • Club equipment available for classes & open practice,
  • An Olympic quality sports floor,
  • A warm-up and conditioning room,
  • An armory for equipment maintenance & repair,
  • ADA compliant changing rooms,
  • An observation area for family & friends,
  • Air-Conditioning

The Team

Our coaches, fencers, parents and friends form the community that runs and operates the Iowa City Fencing Center! The ICFC would not exist without support from our members and community. If you are interested in Volunteer Opportunities with us, please contact us!

Judy O'Donnell

President & Coach

Phone: 319.338.7171

E-mail: icfencingcenter@gmail.com


Founder and coach Judy O'Donnell has over thirty-five years of experience in the Olympic sport of fencing. She has competed for the United States in many international events and has taught students from beginners to international competitors. She spent nearly a decade at the prestigious Boston Fencing Club in Massachusetts. Judy graduated from Wellesley College and holds a Master's degree in Education from Harvard University. She has participated in both national and international coaching                                           seminars.

Matthew Scharr

Website Administrator


Matthew first began fencing in middle school at the Boston Fencing Club. He is delighted to work with the ICFC to develop a top-rate web presence! In addition to maintaining our website, Matthew works as a software engineer in Portland, Ore.